Stores: Kassandras 28 * Moudania, Halkidiki Ag. Dimitriou 87 * Thessaloniki Manager: Dimitra Tsaldari Beekeeper: Nikos Tsaldaris
Starting with the beeswax we create ourselves without industrial ingredients  or the addition of chemicals, natural cosmetics and products that offer daily care, protection and regeneration of the skin, trusting the power of nature!
cosmetic creams
I saw that I did not see (I know one thing: that I do not know) an excerpt attributed to the ancient philosopher Socrates. This is what the beekeeper Nikolaos Tsaldaris thought when he entered the magical world of the bees. He named Meloida his work - from “honey” (meli) and “I saw it” (oida) and he started his journey. He started with his “girls” as he calls bees to help them make the best honey. He transmitted this love to his sister Dimitra Tsaldari and they built Meloida's roof: A store in N. Moudania for special, useful and quality bee products. Starting with the excellent quality honey, propolis and royal jelly went even further: utilized the pure beeswax and created pure, natural cosmetics of great utility and value. They expanded the products offered by "Meloida" and came in contact with other small Greek producers, mainly from Halkidiki, who have...who have the same love for quality production and health products. This attracted another group: craftsmen with a passion for handmade jewelry saw "Meloida" as an opportunity to showcase and promote their fine art and gift items in the folk art corner.
propolis & royal jelly
cosmetic creams
Visit our store in N. Moudania! Here we gathered wide variety of packaged products from producers in Halkidiki, selected strictly for their quality and their taste but also beautiful handmade jewelry… We guarantee you the best quality at the best prices!
Honey propolis Royal jelly
Cosmetic creams with pure beeswax
Packed rural products
Deodorants Mosquito repellents
Hand made jewelry
Oil - olives - Kozani yolk - pasta - legumes & rice - spices - tea Mayonnaises & mustards - sauces Jams - pastries - tahini - Turkish delights Nuts wine & ouzo shampoos & shower gels
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